Medical plants in Snowdonia National Park

Medicinal plants involved in the composition of tree, bush and grasslands, with some of them dominate, occupy large territories and give the appearance of vegetation. Others have very limited distribution, single fields and have environmental significance. Medicinal Plants form and participate in habitat conservation importance involved in Snowdonia National Park

As part of biodiversity Snowdonia National Park medicinal plants are subject to a number of threats: deterioration, fragmentation and loss of destination habitat; excessive use and failure to comply with protection rules habitats and species; pollution of air, water and soil; low
number and low density of the individuals in some populations; weather changes and the like.
The richness of medicinal plants in Snowdonia National Park, Justifies the need for the study, conservation, rational and effective use of resources of medicinal plants are among the national priorities of the state. Demand for vegetable raw materials for the needs of perfume and cosmetics, food and pharmaceutical industries, both at home and abroad is increasing. More and more people are beginning to realize the need to avoid chemically synthesized drugs, nutritional supplements and cosmetics and navigate to those with natural ingredients. This gives optimism for the development of the mining sector and trade with herbs. It is necessary to comply with rules on conservation and sustainable use of habitats of wild medicinal plants and compliance technologies for cultivation, in order to achieve sustainability of resources and quality of production.

In the development of the sector it is necessary to seek ways to achieve higher added value through further processing of herbs and supply of finished products and not raw material. Receipt of higher income from the herbs will increase the concerns of local communities for their conservation and reduce threats for deposits of natural medicinal plants.

Government and local authorities have a crucial role and the conservation of medicinal plants resources. This national natural wealth has enormous environmental, economic and social importance of people and our country.