Celebrating the 60th Anniversary of the Snowdonia National Park

How is celebrating a birthday? Party, birthday cake, candles, gifts, wishes, guests emotions ...

How noted anniversary, 60th birthday, and it is a magnificent national park? It will be the same with all the above, but with little change in gifts. For Park, which aims six decades has stood the time, visited by generations of local and foreign tourists touched the hearts of people around the world, what would be the right gift?
This special part of Wales since decades has excited the creative community has inspired a number of notable authors and has had a central place in their works - from Daniel Defoe to Shelley, George Burrows to Gerald of Wales, T.H.Parry-Williams to Hedd Wyn, among many more. Therefore, logically come proposal birthday of the Snowdonia National Park also to be noted by the inclusion of literary creativity in the festivities.

To properly celebrate the 60 th birthday of Snowdonia National Park it was decided to perpetuate the unique nature and atmosphere of the park by conducting literary and photographic contest. And - voila! Unique gifts are already here! Just 60 works, each of 60 words, created by 60 artists, to reproduce in text the magic of Snowdonia National Park Despite the restrictions and initial worry they will be able to accommodate the authors of beauty Snowdonia National Park in only a few lines.
And now the result is there - as nature has endowed on Snowdonia National Park fantastic atmosphere and beautiful landscapes, and artists have created unique texts, recreating all the diversity and color, impact heavily on our senses.

The effect of influential texts is enhanced by stunning scenery, local photographer Jan Davies of Deiniolen who made a special photo session on the anniversary of Snowdonia National Park. And the most stunning photo received the honor to be the "face" of the special celebration cake - local pastry chefs turned it into an edible cake topper print and make all the peoples come to celebrate the 60 th birthday of Snowdonia National Park so exited and impressed!